Enhance Beauty and Expand Your Options With Decorative Concrete Applications

With the recent advancements in cementitious applications, homeowners, contractors and managers are no longer constrained by the limitations of standard floor coverings. The beauty of decorative concrete treatments and durability of concrete overlays now enhance your ability to reduce costs, expand design considerations and increase longevity.

If it’s time to replace outdated or damaged floor coverings, you may find that there is a serviceable surface underneath your current covering. Older homes may have hardwood floors that can be restored and if your home is built “slab on grade” (concrete) you may have the option of utilizing a vast menu of decorative applications.

Cementitious applications are superior in regards to cleaning, health and wear. If treated properly concrete applications are simple to clean, will resist staining and will not retain dust or other allergens associated with carpeting or other organic coverings. Concrete does not wear as easily as other flooring treatments – it will not tear like linoleum/vinyl flooring, will not gouge as hardwood does, will not cup at seams as Pergo or hardwood can. In addition you will not have to worry about what may be happening beneath the finished surface, hidden damages or water retention, as the finished surface is visible.

Concrete overlays can be applied over concrete or wooden sub- flooring. In water prone areas, such as bathrooms, waterproofing products and a seamless baseboard application can be included to provide long term protection. In areas that are subject to high traffic (entries) or residue (kitchens) the appeal of a cementation finish can be achieved without the hassle of grout lines that require consistent cleaning.

Cementitious surfaces offer a variety of decorative finishes that can be custom tailored to your design specifications. There are near endless color combinations, from very bright color palettes to natural tones. Complex or simple design patterns and textures can also be achieved through stamping, multifaceted applications and hand trowel or cut in details.

For new construction, the utilization of decorative concrete applications can set a project apart from the other listings on the market while decreasing the cost of preparation and materials needed to apply standard floor coverings. When remodeling cementitious surfaces can increase the longevity of applications while providing numerous design options for flooring, walls and countertops. In commercial projects the applications can simplify installation (reduce overall cost), multiply design opportunities, increase longevity and reduce the maintenance for the customer.