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Koi Supplies: Ensuring the Life and Health of Your Koi

Just like people, fish, koi in particular have many needs. Koi supplies fit into three essential areas. If you’re thinking about having a koi garden built in your backyard, it’s going to take a little bit more of time and effort from you. It’s not enough that you have a pond with water where you can keep your koi. It won’t matter also if it’s the right size or the right depth. Without the right supplies and proper equipment the pH of your koi pond might get too high and your fish can die.


Maintaining the best water conditions for your koi will take equipment like a good filtration system, first and foremost. This part of koi supplies will take care of the waste that gets into the water as well as the pH level of the water. With natural water environment, there’s an outlet for dirty water and waste to be cleaned and removed. But in your pond, it’s most likely stagnant water or water that’s just being re-circulated. The filter will keep the water clear and clean and it will remove waste that could affect your koi’s health.


Another essential for koi is food. Koi supplies like fish pellets, vegetable and plant foods will help your koi grow and stay healthy. There are many koi food products you can choose from but make sure you get a brand that provides high quality as well as reliability. You also have to make sure to get pellets and wafers in a variety of sizes if you have koi of multiple sizes and ages. Adding aquatic plants like the water hyacinth is a great way of providing your koi with food. It will be like having their own cupboard where the koi could go to if they feel like a snack.


The third essential ingredient for healthy koi is the right chemicals. You just have to put a few drops of the chemical in the water and the pH of your koi’s water will be kept between seven to eight. The ammonia levels are controlled by proper waste removal and with a good filter and a high quality pond vacuum, you can be sure that it’s at the right level for your fish’s health. The level of nitrite should always be kept at zero.

In providing your fish with koi supplies, you might also want to get a little bit of predator protection. Koi are naturally vibrantly colored and with bright colors like red, orange and white, they’re very attractive to cats, birds, raccoons and dogs. You can buy your koi pond a wire mesh cover to keep birds away and you can also buy specialty supplies like lilies where your koi can hide from predators and have a little shade from the sun. It’s a fairly easy responsibility taking care of koi and maintaining a koi garden. If you find it a bit difficult, the beautiful sight of the Koi swimming around the pond will more than make up for your troubles.